10 Big Brain Boosters At Your Age

You may think your brain is not as quick as you want. Don't worry because there are ways to boost you brain capacity.

Nowadays, people are with forgetfulness even at tender age and believing that the more you become older, the brain gets weaker. But psychologists and authors like Luis S.R Vas have found working strategies that help you have sharp brain at any age once you apply them.

  1. Stay active

Keeping a strong mind means keeping the body active as well. It might be hard to make the connection between keeping the body moving and keeping the brain sharp, but research shows that the less active you are, the more likely you will be to experience memory loss at an early age.

You do not need to exercise like mad in order to keep your memory sharp. Consider taking a daily walk. you can take a different route each day in order to keep the mind engaged as well as the body.

  1. Read more

Reading inspiring books, motivational books and novels is the greatest path to sharpen your brain. Entering new ideas, concepts, a mystery to solve and even trying to remember character names keep your brain at its best.

Not only is it important to feed the brain good nutrients but you don’t want it to rehash the same thoughts over and over again, so it’s important to give it new information regularly, preferably daily.

  1. Drink water regularly

Staying properly hydrated is key to having a sharp brain. Contrarily, if you find yourself in dehydrated state you can quickly find yourself losing focus that makes brain become hard to concentrate on anything. It’s also advisable to take water very early morning before engaging in any activity.

  1. Go lefty (or righty)

You have to challenge your brain by switching to your non dominant hand to help it grow. You may feel silly at first, and your hand writing may look like chicken scratch, but over time you may become better to use your other hand. And brain overcomes that challenge and learns to adopt something new.

You may start by writing alphabet and practice each of the letters until they start to look pretty good. If you are into sport, try to throw a ball with your opposite hand or leg.

  1. Keep things organized

It is harder to remember things if your brain cannot see any order to them. That is why you should take the time to organize the data you want to remember in a meaningful way. When you go to remember it you will have an easier time, because the brain will have compartmentalized it in a similar way to how you organized it in the physical realm.

  1. Speak it aloud

The act of speaking something aloud helps to remember it later, even if you are not able to speak it aloud at that time. You have the aural memory of hearing it spoken, and that engages a different part of your brain, which can be beneficial to the process of recalling what you need. And of course, the more you speak it aloud, the greater your chances of remembering it increases when you are in need of it.

  1. Move your eyes side to side

Studies show that moving your eyes from side to side for just thirty seconds once a day will align the two parts of your brain and make your memory work smoothly. Try this trick when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Eat right

The food you eat and don’t eat play a crucial role in your memory. Fresh vegetables are essential, and avoid sugar and grain carbohydrates. Fruits like apple, avocados are very important to brain function. Fish, cheese, bananas, eggs, and breakfast cereal are powerful to boost your memory.

  1. Use music

Music is almost magical the way can change your mood. There are even certain types of music that can aid in concentration and focus, and you can use these to your advantage to help your brain growing and learning. There are also playlists on YouTube specifically for studying and concentration.

  1. Meditation

Sitting in a cool place like nature and digest about important things is helpful in sharpening your brain. Daily meditation maintains your brain focused and increases its capacity of storing new information and use it properly. This is even the cornerstone of brain medications that the author of Let your brain be your doctor, Luis S.R vas has insisted on.

The above tips to sharpen your brain do work to every person; whether young or old, students or clergymen but are only working if you start today and make them your daily habits.

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