China, Rwanda friendship is higher than mountains – President Xi Jinping

The President of China Xi Jinping, has proven that the relationship between his country and Rwanda is higher than mountains and that he does expect a lot from his two-day historic visit to the latter.

Xi Jinping is expected to turn up in the Thousand Hills Country on this Sunday July 22, 2018, and is the first Chinese president to glance on the land of this East-Central African country, Rwanda.

In his own article published in The New Times on this Saturday, Chinese President pinpoints that the relationship between two countries is impeccable since they introduced their diplomatic relations in 1974.

“We need to uphold mutual respect and deepen political mutual trust. We should view and grow our relations with a strategic and long-term perspective.” Adds the President.

He also adds that he is heartened to see the robust economic growth and accomplishments made by Rwandans under the good governance.

“In recent years, under the leadership of President Kagame, the government and people of Rwanda have made pioneering efforts to blaze a development path that suits its national conditions.” Xi Jinping underscores.

2017 Kagame’s visit to China proven to be fruitful

Hinging on the President Kagame’s fruitful visit to China last year, Xi Jinping proves that his visit will inject new impetus to their traditional friendship and all-round cooperation and that all the citizens will benefit from this bilateral corporation.

“During his visit to China in March 2017, President Kagame and I reached important consensus on deepening cooperation in various fields under the new circumstances and made overall plans for the future growth of relations between our two countries”

He also adds that both countries need to connect their development strategies and expand cooperation in all areas and that they look forward to promoting mutual learning between civilizations and further enhance people-to-people exchanges.

“Deeper exchanges and cooperation in education, culture, health, tourism, aviation and human resources training will help cement the social foundation for bilateral relations and gain increasing public support for our friendship.”

President Paul Kagame visited China in March 2017

What has Rwanda benefited from China?
After 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda has made a dramatic turnaround and China has contributed a lot to this progress.

China has provided supports aids, loans to Rwanda and they have partnered to enrich different sectors including infrastructure, education, agriculture, technology, health, etc.

Under the trading and supportive partnership, China has constructed different roads, bridges and other infrastructures. The examples are Amahoro National Stadium, The Musanze, Integrated Polytechnic Regional College, Masaka Hospital and the Kibungo Hospital.

As for health care, China started to dispatch its medical team to Rwanda in 1982, and there have been hundreds of medical staff working in Rwanda since then.

The Chinese government started to provide scholarships to Rwandan students in 1976, said Rao, adding that Chinese language teaching in Rwanda is developing with a sound momentum.

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