Ngoma sector edges closer to uprooting malnutrition

Ngoma sector highlights brinks of uprooting malnutrition among its citizens through different established   programs like village kitchen in its cells.

Despite its huge part being a town, Ngoma sector, has families that bother with malnutrition amongst their children. The issue does not only affect underprivileged families but also others who with questionable skills about balanced diet.

Ngoma, one of Huye district’s sector, has invented different programs around its cells and villages in a bid to uprooting malnutrition. Village Kitchen (Igikoni Cy’umudugudu) for instance, is one surefire way of which Ngoma sector decided to pave in order to have malnutrition washed off.

Rwasamanzi Janvier, health counselor in Gatoki Village-Ngoma sector, admits that since the establishment of Village kitchen program, malnutrition has vehemently diminished.

“Malnutrition used to scarily trouble our people but after the creation of village kitchen and constant rebukes on how to prepare balanced diet by both Matyazo health center and ministry of heathy, malnutrition has extremely been decreased.” Rwasamanzi said.

Nyiraneza Anastasia, one of Kabaremera cell citizen, tresses that village kitchen helped them tremendously in combating malnutrition.

“It was extremely worse in Kabaremera before village kitchen program comes over. But today, it is seldom to find a child with malnutrition in our cell. Well! It has not been totally uprooted but there is a significant reduction.” Nyiraneza Said

Initially, Ngoma sector counted 54 children affected by malnutrition, 36 with average malnutrition (Yellow) and 18 battling with dangerous malnutrition (Red). Mutsindashyaka Alphonse, executive secretary of Ngoma sector assures that children that were counted in red were hospitalized until they recover to the normal situation.

“Children who were found in red were taken to health center for proper treatment within 12 days and after they have recovered to yellow, we took them back to their homes to access the other available programs that are already in villages.” Said Murwanashayaka

According to Murwanashayaka, Ngoma sector initiated numerous programs to help the affected children. Apart from village kitchen, Kundrwa Kibondo is another program that significantly help families to escape malnutrition.

Additionally, one egg per child is another weapon that is being utilized by Ngoma sector in malnutrition elimination. In partnership with both Huye and Matyazo health center, children are donated eggs. Further, milk and flour rich in vitamins and proteins are also distributed to families and children that manifest malnutrition as it is a government program.

Murwanashyaka, Ngoma executive secretary reveals that beside educating families on how to plant vegetables around their back yards, Ngoma sector donated small livestock that families can afford to keep. At the first phase, 36 chicken were supplied to deserved families and later on Ngoma sector donated other 42 more. Chicken given are not only to help families having access to eggs but also as a source of income.

In this juncture, willing families in Ngoma sector adopt children that suffer from malnutrition and feed them balanced diet. According to Murwanashyaka, Ngoma now counts 2 children only still bothering with malnutrition.

Huye district on the other hand, funded Ngoma sector with one million and nine hundred thousand Rwandan francs (1, 900,000 Rwf) to help families with malnutrition problem. The funds were therefore invested in buying different vegetable seeds like cabbage, carrots and green vegetable and offer them to families. Families were also helped to make vegetable gardens around their compounds.

Monthly, health councilors weigh up every child either in underprivileged or privileged ones to make sure that there is no new case about malnutrition. Obviously, they compare whether children’s weights and height are equivalent.

However, Ngoma sector still face challenges about families that misuse the support they receive.

“There are some parents who sell milk and eggs they receive. Sometimes, milk, eggs and rich flour that are only deserved to the affected children, are shared with whole family even those who have no problem at all.” Murwanashyaka said

Rwasamanzi Janvier, Health counselor in Gatoki village, reveals out that they have limited materials to use while preparing diets for children.


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